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The Fashion Institute of South Florida celebrates its graduation

The Fashion Institute of South Florida, founded by Rucht D’Oleo, presented its 2nd Graduating class since its inauguration in 2016, on Thursday, August 29th, 2019.

Fourteen students presented a 3-piece collection in a spectacular Fashion Show showcasing their hard work.

The graduating students of The Fashion Institute fo South Florida were Taylor Dorry, Alexandra Nellis, Joan Collie, Susie Atlas, Luana Bastos, Deanna Lange, Heily Rivas, Brinae Thompson, Carolina Montes, Karen Levy, Victoria Beaudouin, Jaya Barak and Camila Scott.

At the same time, they competed for the opportunity to showcase an entire collection in the frame of NYFW Designers of Latin America (DOLA) to be held next February 2020 in the city of New York.

A panel of fashion industry authorities and local fashion industry icons judged the students’ collection based on creativity, execution and overall harmony of the collection.

Fashion Institue
From left to right, the judges Elan Savir, Viviana Gabeiras, Ricardo Aldama and Albania Rosario. (Photo

The judges were Albania Rosario, CEO of Designers of Latin America; Ricardo Aldama, president of Rex Fabrics and fashion specialist; Viviana Gabeiras, head designer of ‘Petit Pois’; and Elan Savir, head designer and CEO of Elan International.

As results of the evaluation three students were selected to compete for the final spot to present its collection at the next DOLA’s runway during the next edition of New York Fashion Week.

Fashion Institute
From left to right, Alexandra Nellis, Rucht D’Oleo, Taylor Dorry, Joann Collie and Albania Rosario. (Wellington Guzman Photography)

The three students selected were: Alexandra Nellis, Taylor Dorry and Joan Collie. Below you can see the entire collections of the fourteens graduating students.

Pictures by Wellington Guzman Photography for The Fashion Institute of South Florida.















Meet Rucht D’Oleo, the woman behind The Fashion Institute of South Florida

She breathes fashion 24/7; she is passionate, persistent and hard working. Rucht D’Oleo is a fashion designer, author and the founder and director of The Fashion Institute of South Florida, a space for talented individuals to learn the art and craft of the fashion industry. 

As a fashion designer herself, Ms. D’Oleo loves to teach and share her knowledge with others. She saw how many people in the South Florida community are interested in learning how to sew, make patterns or become a fashion designer, so she offers her students different options.

Every day the fashion school is filled with students from different walks of life, like the 48-year-old mom of 3 that is finally finding time to pursue her dreams or a 14-year-old taking sewing and illustration lessons in order to prepare her portfolio to apply to a fashion college.

As we see frequently on the school’s Instagram account, the school is full of love and laughter. Individuals attend this school because they have an opportunity to connect and express themselves.

Ms. D’Oleo has many years of experience within the fashion industry and has achieved great honors during her career, including receiving the Keys of Miami Dade in 2009.

She wrote the first and only book in Spanish about the business of fashion named, “El Negocio de la Moda” which has been adopted in many fashion schools in Latino America. On many occasions, she travels to speak in fashion symposiums and went as far as Poland to judge an International fashion student competition in 2017.

Ms. D’Oleo immigrated to Miami from the Dominican Republic in 2001 with a dream, leaving behind her family and all she knew. A dream she sees fulfilled every day as she watches her students accomplish their own dreams.

She did not know English or have any connection with a major brand in the USA, but since she was a little girl, she loved fashion and had big dreams. A dream of changing people’s lives for the better, to become an entrepreneur, to inspire and to leave a mark on future generations.


The Fashion Institute of South Florida is a licensed vocational fashion school that was conceived to bring the opportunity to creative individuals who are interested in launching a career in the fashion industry, without paying the high cost of traditional fashion colleges. 

The Fashion Institute of South Florida was founded upon the belief that quality fashion design education should be available to all students with a desire to learn the art and craft of fashion design.

They also believe that quality instruction should be made available at an affordable price to aspiring design students. We take pride in teaching with love and patience in order to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn in our small class environment.

Traducción en español: El Instituto de moda del sur de la Florida celebra su graduación

El Fashion Institute of South Florida, fundado por Rucht D’Oleo, presentó su segunda clase de graduación desde su inauguración en 2016, el jueves 29 de agosto de 2019.

Catorce estudiantes presentaron una colección de 3 piezas en un espectacular desfile de moda mostrando su arduo trabajo.

Los estudiantes que se graduaron fueron: Taylor Dorry, Alexandra Nellis, Joan Collie, Susie Atlas, Luana Bastos, Deanna Lange, Heily Rivas, Brinae Thompson, Carolina Montes, Karen Levy, Victoria Beaudouin, Jaya Barak y Camila Scott.

Al mismo tiempo, compitieron por la oportunidad de exhibir una colección completa en el marco de NYFW Designers of Latin America (DOLA) que se realizará el próximo febrero de 2020 en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Un panel de autoridades de la industria de la moda y los íconos locales de la industria de la moda juzgaron la colección de los estudiantes en función de la creatividad, la ejecución y la armonía general de la colección.

Los jueces fueron Albania Rosario, CEO de Diseñadores de América Latina; Ricardo Aldama, presidente de Rex Fabrics y especialista en moda; Viviana Gabeiras, diseñadora principal de «Petit Pois»; y Elan Savir, diseñador jefe y CEO de Elan International.

Como resultado de la evaluación, tres estudiantes fueron seleccionados para competir por el lugar final para presentar su colección en la próxima pasarela de DOLA durante la próxima edición de la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York.

Los tres estudiantes seleccionados fueron: Alexandra Nellis, Taylor Dorry y Joan Collie.


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